Hemp Seeds And Good Deeds
I love nature and just feeling the sun on my skin. Life is meant to be lived and not controlled. So you should live it the way you want to. And not take the Earth, our home, for granted.

"i. One day you’re going to cut a little too deep and, while frantically texting your best friend, be bandaging yourself up. You’ll think that you will be careful next time. You never are.
ii. One day your antidepressants will taste like hope and you’re going to swallow the whole bottle. You will pass out and go to the emergency room. You promise to never do it again, two hospital trips later they stop believing you.
iii. One day school work will have you in hysterics and between sobs you try to type your essay. School work before mental health has been engraved into your mind.
iv. One day the boy/girl you love will walk away and you will be empty. They will take your heart and give it to someone new and you will tell yourself that you don’t need it but you do. You do.
v. One day the blades will be thrown away. One day you won’t need to rely on antidepressants. One day you will graduate from school. One day someone will wrap their heart up and give it to you as the rawest form of love they can give. One day you will forgive yourself and your past."



but Peter Pan isn’t supposed to die

this is the saddest thing I have ever read


*sees a cat*

me: holy shit




What’s the difference between america and yogurt?

If u leave yogurt alone for 200 years it will develop a culture

this was like the sickest burn I’ve ever seen


Me: Hmm, it’s 11:30, I’ll just check tumblr before bed
Me: Why is it 3am now

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